Exhibitors Checklist


Exhibitor Warning

Third party companies, who are not official AAP vendors, have been soliciting exhibitors for room reservations, lead retrieval units, list rentals, and other trade show products and services. These organizations may misrepresent themselves as AAP official vendors. Exhibitors may be contacted by fax, email, or phone with offers for cut-rate services. If you receive an email from a company trying to sell you a list; please note these are not actual attendee lists and these companies are NOT authorized AAP vendors.

Contact the AAP’s Exhibits Manager, Marge Palonis, CEM at margery@perio.org.



Any questions pertaining to exhibit space should be directed to:
Marge Palonis, CEM
AAP Exhibits Manager
312-573-3225 (fax)

The American Academy of Periodontology is an ADA CERP® recognized education provider.